The home innovation built.

As an award-winning luxury-home builder, Monterey Homes creates incredibly majestic homes with superior craftsmanship, exquisite architectural designs, and finest interior finishes. Every eye-catching aspect of a Monterey home can be attributed to the attention to detail put forth by each craftsman. And that includes areas of the home the eye can’t see as well. Read more

Energy-efficient living

The true value of an energy-efficient home.

To own an exquisite home that truly exemplifies luxury, quality craftsmanship and ingenious design is to own a home like no other, a Monterey home. Showcasing more than beautiful architecture with impeccable attention to detail, every Monterey home is thoughtfully constructed with an increased inherent value—our unparalleled level of energy efficiency. Read more

Luxurious living

Live an inspired life.

Welcome home to the life you've earned. Simply drive into a Monterey Homes community and you'll know you've arrived. From exquisite architectural designs and superior craftsmanship to some of the most energy-efficient homes in the most sought-after locations, Monterey Homes exemplifies what it is to live an inspiring lifestyle. Read more