Like we said, tell us who you are and how to reach you, and we'll keep you updated on new communities, pre-sales, grand openings, and anything else that will help you sell homes. Although, the great part is, our homes kind of sell themselves.

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Meritage Agent Program:

  1. Sales Office Registration - The real estate agent may accompany and register the prospective buyer on the prospective buyer's first visit to the community.
  2. Online Pre-Registration - The real estate agent may pre-register the prospective buyer at prior to the prospective buyer's first visit to the community and must accompany the prospective buyer to the community within 48 hours of the prospective buyer's first visit.
  3. Sales Office Registration - Valid for 30 days. After 30 days, the prospective buyer must be re-registered.
  4. Meritage Homes will pay a commission, per the terms of the Purchase Agreement, following close of escrow.
  5. If the prospective buyer returns to the community with another real estate agent and enters into a purchase agreement, this registration will be null and void and ONLY the accompanying real estate agent, at the time of contract, will be paid a commission.
  6. The real estate agent represents prospective buyer as Buyer Broker and does not represent Meritage Homes.
  7. The information on this form must be legible and accurate in order to be a valid registration.
  8. Agent must hold an active real estate license.