Save More by Using Less.

More money in your pocket to spend however you wish, month after month. That's what having a truly energy-efficient home should mean. And it's especially true at a Meritage Homes Active Adult community. Our deconstructed home allows you to see behind the walls, and into the ceiling, and experience our energy-efficient features in order to understand exactly how a Meritage home can reduce your energy bills by as much as 50%.*

Imagine being able to pay your energy bill with just your spare change. Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice? Well, it is. Just ask our homeowners. And it gets even better with a solar energy app that allows you to monitor and change your energy usage settings from across town, or across the country. At Meritage Homes we believe in being more than just the next green builder; we believe in going above and beyond the norm to build the most energy-efficient homes in the country. Some homebuilders take a step in the right direction, but stop there and call themselves green. We, on the other hand, decided to build homes differently, from the ground up, the way homes can, and should, be built.

From our unique standards in building techniques and the energy-efficient features we include in every home, at no extra cost, to being able to build you a Net Zero home, all our homes far exceed the energy-efficiency (HERS) ratings of most lived-in homes. They also go well beyond the HERS ratings of other national homebuilders, as well as surpassing the federal requirements to make every home we build 100% ENERGY STAR certified. Sure, there are homebuilders that call themselves green, but chances are they're green with envy more than anything.

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