Why Energy Efficiency is Top of Mind for Today’s Homebuyers

As we head into summer 2022, temperatures aren’t the only thing heating up. Energy efficiency has become a hot topic as homeowners and prospective buyers seek to keep monthly payments at an affordable level. A recent report from The New York Times1 reveals that the average residential electricity rate jumped 8 percent from the previous year, making it the largest annual increase in over a decade.

Energy-efficiency is a Priority

A 2022 consumer survey2 showed that 70% of respondents think it’s important to live in a home with energy-efficient features, meaning that these features are no longer just “nice to have,” they’re a priority for today’s homebuyers.

At Meritage Homes, we’ve had a long-standing commitment to leading the way in energy-efficient homebuilding while maintaining a price point that’s accessible for entry-level homebuyers. “Energy efficiency isn’t something Meritage does sometimes or in some areas. It’s a part of our standard for how we build in all our communities, and has been for over a decade,” says Brett Welch, senior director of Building Science and Innovation at Meritage.   


Energy-Efficient Features Make a Difference

Standard energy-efficient features in Meritage homes include spray foam insulation3 (which has the added bonus of helping to keep pests out and reducing outside noise), a multispeed HVAC system that conserves energy while helping to improve air quality and reduce humidity when compared to typical HVACs, and Low-E windows which reflect the heat from the sun and block the rays from the interior window pane.

These features are what can reduce homeowners’ energy usage and lower utility bills. Alex, a Meritage homeowner from Hayward, California reports significant savings. “We cut our energy bill per month by 70% to 80%,” he said.4


What’s Next?

Overall, homebuyers are upping their expectations for homebuilders. Beyond providing energy-efficient incentives that save money, consumers are also placing a focus on environmental responsibility. According to the survey data, more than two-thirds of respondents are likely to purchase a home from a company whose environmental messaging and/or practices align with the respondents’ personal beliefs.

This is another area where Meritage is ahead of the curve. We’re a nine-time recipient of the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award and we’ve been named a 2022 Residential New Construction Market Leader by the same organization. From the foundation to the finishing touches, we’ve designed our energy-efficient features and sustainable building practices to help you live with more savings, better health, real comfort and peace of mind.


Interested in learning more? Explore more of the energy-efficient features found in Meritage homes.

1 https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/03/business/energy-environment/high-electric-bills-summer.html

2 Survey methodology: Data is based on a survey conducted in partnership with SWNS and fielded between March 16-21, 2022 among 2,000 men and women between the ages 18-55+.

Not all exterior walls contain spray foam. In ADDITION, IN Florida, most Meritage homes utilize concrete block construction FOR WALLS, WHICH DO NOT INCLUDE SPRAY FOAM INSULATION BUT HAVE alternative energy-efficient insulation methods, to help withstand local severe weather conditions, including hurricanes. See a Sales Counselor for details or visit http://www.meritagehomes.com/featuredescriptions for information and disclaimers about energy-efficient features and associated claims.

4 Actual performance/energy savings of any home or any of its features may vary widely, depending in part on location, occupant behavior, changes in energy provider rates and programs, and other factors.


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