2023 Interior Design Trends

Making small changes in your home can help enhance what you already love about your space. That’s why we’re so excited to share some of the top design trends for 2023. We talked with Amber Shay, National Vice President of Design Studios for Meritage Homes, to find out what’s hot this year and offer fun, simple ways to incorporate these trends into your home.


The battle between minimalist décor and a maximalist aesthetic (also called cluttercore) seems to be waning as some designers encourage clients to opt for a happy medium and create a look that falls somewhere between the two. “If you have a lot of clutter, it may feel good to get organized and pare down items by only keeping the ones that have a strong meaning or some sentimental value for you,” says Shay. “On the other hand, if you want to add more visual interest to a bare space that may not inspire you, add a couple of accents that reflect your unique personality. It’ll help to warm up your home without feeling like you have an overwhelming amount of stuff.”


Natural (or Natural-Looking) Texture

Texture has been on-trend for the past few years, but recently designers have been focusing on bringing this feature into the home through the use of natural accents. “Updating a wall by using Grasscloth wallpaper or repainting a room with textured paint like Portola Paints Roman Clay or Sherwin-Williams Limewash are an easy way to add more personality to any home,” says Shay. For those who aren’t quite ready to commit a wall color update, you can use grass clippings, tree branches and wildflowers to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind arrangements that can be used as accent pieces.


Something Old, Something New

It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to give your home a modern look is by incorporating pieces from the past. “Vintage and thrifted items help to create a curated, personal look,” says Shay. To further enhance the impact of a great vintage piece, think of ways to repurpose, restyle and reinvent it. This could mean adding a new finish or coat of paint, updating knobs and handles, or reupholstering the fabric.


Little Luxuries

When it comes to luxe décor, the price tag doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it. “It’s all about finding pieces that help you feel great about your space,” says Shay. Think of items like upscale hotel-style bedding, monogrammed towels, cozy throw pillows or a stylish mirror. Continuing with the thrifting theme mentioned above, you can keep your eye out for original art when you’re on the hunt for furniture! Shay also recommends investing in a high-quality area rug that’s designed to look like a priceless heirloom—it can set the tone for the entire space.

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