Homebuyer's Guide.

Have Some Questions About
Buying a Home?

We Have Answers.

Feel free to skim or read every word. But if you have a question about the home-buying process, chances are we have an answer for you. Buying a home is likely the largest purchase you'll make, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you by letting you know the step-by-step process and giving you the information you want to make it a great experience.

STEP 1:  Find your perfect home.

There's plenty to choose from, and yours is out there. Once you find it, your sales associate will help you sign a purchase agreement, submit it for approval, and get you started with the loan approval process.

STEP 2:  Select your options.

It's your call. Early in the process, you'll make choices that reflect your lifestyle and personality. From countertops and colors to carpets and cabinets — this is where you give your home a personal touch.

STEP 3:  Watch it grow.

This is the fun part. Well, one of them at least. As your home is being built, your sales associate will help you understand the phases of construction and answer questions. Once construction is complete, they'll guide you toward your closing and move-in day.

STEP 4:  Get introduced.

We won't just cut you loose. At your Homeowner Orientation meeting, you'll learn all about the features, operation, warranty coverage, and proper care and maintenance of your new home.

STEP 5:  Welcome home.

First, you'll go through closing with a little paper signing. Then, we'll toss you the keys, and it's time to celebrate. You'll be an official homeowner at this point.

Need to Know Something Else?

Have a look at our Q & A below. And if you don't find an answer, feel free to ask us by phone, online chat or email.

  • Do I need a real estate agent to buy a new home?

    It isn't necessary to have an agent. Our sales professionals are extremely knowledgeable about our homes and communities, financing, and the entire home-buying process. However, we welcome real estate professionals and are happy to work with them to find your dream home. If you are currently working with an agent or choose to do so, he or she must accompany you on your first visit to a Meritage community in order to register your agent/client relationship.

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  • Should I "pre-qualify" before I begin visiting Meritage communities to look at homes?

    It's not required, but it's very helpful. Pre-qualifying is a great way to determine just how much home you can comfortably afford. Our online sales consultants can direct you to a Meritage preferred lender who can help you pre-qualify. Then, they'll help you find the homes and communities that will best fit your needs.

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  • What is the benefit of using a "Preferred Lender"?

    Our preferred lenders are familiar with our communities, sales staff, policies, and requirements. This allows for quick and accurate answers to your questions, while keeping you up-to-date and providing a faster, less complicated loan process. Using a preferred lender can save you money, too. Not only do they offer a full range of financing, competitive rates, and expert mortgage counseling, but we often extend special incentives to buyers who secure their loan with one of our preferred lenders. Our community sales managers can put you in touch with our preferred lenders in your specific market area.

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  • What is the advantage of buying a new home? Aren't old homes built better?

    New homes have distinct advantages over pre-owned homes. Because of today's advanced technology, building materials are frequently more durable and more effective in meeting special needs. For example, materials used to improve energy efficiency didn't even exist just 20-30 years ago. Plus, new homes offer more options for personalization, never-used mechanical systems such as your HVAC and appliances, and of course, that brand new look and feel. Pre-owned homes just don't compare.

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  • Should I wait until the housing market "bottoms out" before I buy?

    No one can predict the "bottom" of any downturn. This is the best time to buy a new home in more than a decade. Right now, interest rates are low, financing options are abundant, and there's a great choice of homes. Waiting could result in rates going up and housing choices going down. And meanwhile, your family will miss out on the benefits of living in a brand new home.

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  • I've never bought a home before. Why shouldn't I keep renting until the housing market improves?

    The downturn in the housing market is actually beneficial for you as a buyer – you can benefit from reduced prices, a better selection of available homes, and historically low interest rates. Plus, as an owner, you get to enjoy tax advantages and build equity for yourself and not your landlord. Our online sales consultants can answer any other questions you may have, and they'll show you how easy it is to buy a new home.

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  • Does Meritage offer a home warranty?

    Yes, all the homes we build are covered by our New Home Warranty and Protection Plan. We build our homes with quality products and follow industry-accepted building practices. Plus, we have a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program to ensure our homes meet our high standards. All this, and warranty coverage, is designed to give you complete confidence when you purchase a home with us.

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  • Will you build a home on my lot, or can I just buy a set of your house plans?

    Meritage takes great pride in our homes and communities. We design our homes and follow construction best practices that result in great homes at a good value. Likewise, we choose communities carefully to be able to provide conveniences and amenities that will enhance quality of life. With all this in mind, we protect the value and lifestyle of our homes by only building in our selected communities and not releasing our home designs to others.

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