Sell your client their dream home.
Not a someday dream home.


New homes are picture perfect from day one. Families can unpack and start living in their new space immediately. That reduces stress and allows families to enjoy the lifestyle they want without the wait. Older homes often require repairs – costing money and delaying enjoying the home to its fullest.


Homebuyers are always looking for ways to get more for less. Meritage Homes offers many incentives to help your clients get the home they want with a little extra on the side. With old homes, your clients get hidden, costly surprises.


The biggest improvement in home building today is energy efficiency. Meritage Homes is a leader in energy-efficient building. Our commitment to building affordable, energy-efficient homes is recognized in the industry. Meritage was named 2015 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year, Sustained Excellence. Energy efficiency saves money, making homebuyers happy, and happy clients mean more referrals.


Give your clients exactly what they want. It’s easy with a new home. Meritage works with you and your client to meet the client’s needs. From finishes to extra features, you can help your clients get their dream home. Old homes often require months or years of remodeling to meet the needs of today’s families.


Your clients can relax the second they move in into their new home. From floor to ceiling, new homes require fewer repairs than old homes. Homebuyers can rest easy they won’t encounter big repair bills. Meritage is committed to giving our homeowners the best service possible with most concerns corrected within 7 to 10 business days.