How we build

From the moment you select your community to the moment we hand over your keys, we’re your partner in building a home you’ll love.

A successful build involves two key components.

Partners working on project together

Focus on partnership

Count on a dedicated team keeping you informed at every milestone.

Modern kitchen with bar stools

Commitment to quality

We’re committed to delivering a home you can rely on for years to come.

Engaging you in the construction of your home.

From start to finish, we’ll keep you up-to-date on your home’s milestones. See a few of the most important below.

  • 1. Pre-construction meetingPre-construction meeting

    Meet your team

    We’ll set up a pre-construction meeting at the sales center or on your homesite so you can meet with your construction team and discuss the road ahead.

    What to expect:

    • To review the plan for your home and review your design selections.
    • A team that's excited to meet you and begin building a lasting and important relationship.
    • To leave this meeting with a better understanding about what lies ahead for the construction of your new home.

    Pre-construction meeting at Meritage Homes
  • 2. Pre-drywal orientationPre-drywall orientation

    See the progress

    At this meeting, we'll bring you up to speed on the progress of your home, reviewing what's already in place as well as the next steps in the construction process.

    What to expect:

    • To learn how your home works, and review plumbing and electrical locations.
    • To review the innovative features that make your home a source of energy savings, better health, real comfort and peace of mind.*
    • To feel confident in the structure and systems of your home.

    Pre-construction meeting at Meritage Homes
  • 3. Homeowner orientationHomeowner orientation

    Homeowner orientation

    It’s time to celebrate! Your brand new home is complete. Now, it’s time to see what Life. Built. Better.® looks like.

    What to expect:

    • A walk-through of your new home.
    • The keys to move in.


    Children sit in new home during homeowner orientation

The quality of your home: see it all come together.

Nothing is more exciting than watching your home come to life. Because we’re your partner in this build, we want to illustrate all the ways we’re working on your behalf to deliver on the home that you imagined.

Use the slider below to navigate through some of the major steps in the construction process.

  • It all starts with pre-construction.
  • We lay the foundation of your new home.
  • Framing helps your home take shape.
  • The rough mechanics are built into your home.
  • Insulation and drywall are installed.
  • See your home start to come to life.
  • Countertops are installed, walls are painted.
  • We lay the final, finishing touches.
  • Construction is complete.
  • Establishing the framework for your new home.

    1. It all starts with pre-construction.

    Congratulations on your new Meritage Home! During the pre-construction phase, all of the preparation and planning that goes into building your home will take place. You will also wrap up your financing and final design selections. Before we move to the next phase, we’ll set up a pre-construction meeting so you can meet the team that will build your home.

  • Establishing the framework for your new home.

    2. We lay the foundation of your new home.

    Construction typically begins shortly after your pre-construction meeting. Your homesite will be prepped and the foundation will be poured (if you have a basement, the space will be excavated) and inspected.

    Good to know: Construction activity will vary on a daily basis.

    Some days you’ll see major transformations on-site. On other days, work takes place behind-the-scenes, like material delivery, acquiring permits and performing inspections.

  • Establishing the framework for your new home.

    3. Framing helps your home take shape.

    This is an exciting time - your home really starts to take shape with interior and exterior framing, roofing, windows and doors.

    Good to know: This phase is extremely active.

    This phase in the construction process is extremely active and we ask that if you are going to visit your homesite, you make an appointment with your sales associate so they can accompany you and provide you with a hard hat.

  • Interior systems for better living.

    4. The rough mechanics are built into your home.

    Many of the systems and features included in your home that make it energy efficient are installed at this step, and our next meeting will be scheduled. Take a closer look at what makes your home live with more savings, real comfort, better health and peace of mind.*

    See energy efficiency in a Meritage Home.

    Good to know: This phase is a flurry of activity.

    Plumbing, air ducts, electric wiring, outlets and switches are all installed. With outside siding and stone in place, your house is looking like a real home now.

    Soon after this step at the pre-drywall orientation meeting, you’ll have a chance to see your home’s interior elements before insulation and drywall are installed.

  • Interior systems for better living.

    5. Insulation and drywall are installed.

    While this stage may not seem exciting, there’s a lot happening under the surface that will deliver on increased energy savings.* For example, features like spray-foam insulation (if available in your community) are added, to help reduce the loss of conditioned air.*

    Get a closer look at all of the ways we’ve incorporated energy efficiency into your home.

    Good to know: Your new home will begin to reflect your personality and lifestyle.

    All the time you spent choosing your design selections will start paying off as we begin their installation.

  • Bringing your design choices to life.

    6. See your home start to come to life.

    Now the fun part begins when the house starts to become your home. Cabinetry, interior doors and trim get installed during this phase of the build process.

  • Bringing your design choices to life.

    7. Countertops are installed, walls are painted.

    Your countertops are installed and walls are primed and painted, giving your home the look and vibe you envisioned. Before long, you’ll be inviting guests in to celebrate a home you can be proud of.

    Good to know: We’re getting close to finishing construction.

    Now is a great time to review the Care and Maintenance section of your Homeowner Manual that was uploaded to the homebuyer portal at sale. Consider it a resource to help you keep your home’s finishes and design options looking good for years to come.

  • Bringing your design choices to life.

    8. We lay the final, finishing touches.

    The paint is dry and flooring is installed along with final plumbing and light fixtures. Your new home is almost move-in ready.

    Good to know: Flooring installation is the final phase of construction.

    At this point, we’ll run a final quality assurance inspection and do a final cleaning of your new home. We hold ourselves to high standards to ensure you’re receiving a home that’s as high-performing as it is beautiful.

  • 9. Construction is complete.

    The big day is here – your new home is now complete! We’ll schedule your homeowner orientation to walk you through and show you how your new home works. You will also finalize all of your loan and title paperwork. Once closing is complete, you’ll get your keys!

    Good to know: Your new Meritage home is move-in ready.

    All final inspections are complete, and you can simply focus on settling in, and making new memories.

    It’s time to experience Life. Built. Better.®

The MyMeritage portal: creating a personalized information center.

You're excited to see your home come to life, and we’re thrilled to share in that journey with you. We’ll set up your MyMeritage portal during the build process that will be your gateway to all of the details of your new home.

Take a look at some of the things you'll be able to do in the portal:

  • Access your warranty documents and  homeowner manual

  • View your homes floorplan

  • Submit and check on the status of your warranty claims

Man uses tablet to personalize his buyer portal

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