Bold Color in Your Home

Many homeowners prefer to have more neutral tones in their house, choosing to paint most walls gray, beige or white. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate bolder hues in your home design.

“The beauty of neutral colors is that it balances everything out and gives you a foundation,” says Angela Harris, principal and CEO of Trio Design, an interior design and merchandising firm. “The bold colors then add drama and interest, and they work so well together.”

Accessorize fearlessly.

The easiest way to add bold color is through textiles, says Harris. “I love the idea of adding in vibrant colors through pillows, throws and area rugs.” You can also consider accent chairs because they give a bit of depth and personality.

Artwork is also a fantastic way to express your personality and taste while adding a splash of color. “I think it’s a fun way to tell a story as well,” says Harris.

Window treatments are another way to brighten up a room, as well as painting an accent wall and adding colorful accessories like decorative lamps, plants and mementos.

Keep it simple.

It’s easy to go overboard and just add too many different colors to a room. So how do you avoid that? “I think it’s a feeling and intuition, but there are also some tricks of the trade,” says Harris.

For instance, say you have a beautiful cream linen sofa, and you want to add bold colors to it. You can start by anchoring the palette with a deep, darker color before you introduce some patterns or bold colors. Add a set of black, navy blue or deep brown pillows and then start introducing some wilder, bolder hues, patterns and textures. “I have one pillow on my sofa that’s a bright turquoise peacock,” says Harris. “The options are endless.”

Embrace new trends.

About a decade ago, red was the hot bold color, and everyone was painting their dining room some shade of red. But we’ve come a long way since then, says Harris. These days, the “rules” for interior color have changed. Yellow has become very popular, as well as different blues, greens and even pinks. “Another stunning shade right now is a deep teal blue,” says Harris. “It almost has a bit of green inlay to it.”

When it comes to adding colors to the home, Harris encourages her clients not to be fearful of going bold because colors can be easily swapped or refreshed. “This is your opportunity to show your personal style and really add depth and dimension,” she says. So, even if you decide to stay with safer, neutral tones for your walls, you can't go wrong by using accessories and textures to bring pops of color into your home.

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