Debunking Five Mortgage Myths

Navigating the world of homebuying budgets and financing? We’re here to help. We talked with the experts at MTH Mortgage®, our preferred affiliated lender, to debunk five mortgage myths facing modern homebuyers.


Pre-qualification is the same as pre-approval.

The terms may seem interchangeable, but when a seller hears that you’re “pre-approved,” they know you’re a serious buyer. While pre-qualification is a more casual process, pre-approval means that your income and assets have been verified, your credit has been checked, and your lender is committed. Want a leg up during negotiations? Pre-approval is the way to go.

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Myth 1


You have to put 20% down.

20% down may have been the gold standard 40 years ago, but today's market is a different buying landscape. With FHA loans, many buyers are only required to have a 3.5% down payment, and many other lenders only require 5% or so. Use our mortgage calculators to see the impact different down payments can have.

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Myth 2


You need to have perfect credit.

Worried your credit score will hold you back? There are options. These days, many conventional loans only require a minimum credit score of 620 while FHA loans are available to homebuyers with scores in the mid-500s. You can also take advantage of our Financial Solutions Program to help improve your overall credit profile.

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Myth 3


Principal and interest are king.

Loan amount and interest rate are major factors when determining affordability, but many homebuyers overlook property taxes and insurance, both of which impact your bottom line. Thankfully, our affordability calculator takes both into account for you. Plus, our all-in monthly payments even factor in HOA dues, so there are no surprises.

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Myth 4


Getting a mortgage has to be a headache.

Gone are the days of swimming in paperwork. MTH Mortgage® has simplified the home loan process so you can apply online in minutes, get your pre-approval faster and move into the home of your dreams sooner. Plus, 24/7 access means you don’t have to wait to take the next step in your home search.

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Myth 5

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