Breathe Easier at Home

As the vice president of innovation for Meritage Homes®, CR Herro works to integrate environmental, technological and health-conscious practices within home building. His team considers how a home can improve a family’s health. Air purity, as intangible as it may seem, plays a major role.

Meritage® offers homeowners whole-home air filtration, materials with low VOCs and a fresh air ventilation system, all of which takes into consideration a number of potentially immediate concerns, such as asthma, says Herro.

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the rate of asthma in America was on the rise, but by 2016, they saw a dramatic drop in new cases among kids. Experts say this was at least in part due to a national campaign aimed at educating parents and patients about avoiding asthmatic triggers such as mold, smoke, pet dander and air pollution.

During this time, the number of plug-in air purification and filtration units sold in America steadily increased each year. But Meritage is raising the bar for in-home air quality. While plug-in units can help in one specific room, the system installed in Meritage homes works on the entire house. It’s not just a furnace filter. The fresh air management system works behind the scenes to reduce the amount of pollen and pollutants that enter, while allowing fresh air into your home every day.



Fresh Air Management

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Pure Air

“We design homes to help improve the air quality for somebody who has allergies or children with asthma,” Herro says. “Our standard approach follows the best homebuilding practices established by the U.S. EPA for indoor health.”                                                                                                                                                               

Working to seamlessly combine the latest trends in technology, healthy living and building materials, Meritage Homes provides homeowners with a living experience in which no detail has been overlooked.

Healthier Building Materials

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Pure Air

“We believe applying the best homebuilding practices to improve the overall health of a home is an obligation,” Herro says. “From our filtration and ventilation systems to air sealing and using healthier building materials — none of that is required. But when experts in the field of health recommend them, that’s what we go with.”