Partners you can believe in.

In order to create a Life. Built. Better.®, we have to partner with the best in the business. It’s why we’re intentional about the partners we invite to the table, which equates to a home you can love—and rely on.

Bringing you the best in quality and innovation.

There’s a lot to be said about the value of a solid relationship. It’s built on trust. It’s built on longevity. And it delivers
on its promise—homes that live better for the long run. We choose our trusted vendor partners and they choose us,
amounting to a home built to a higher standard for our customers.

Meet our Partners.

Our partners are top-performing, innovative brands that you can trust to consistently deliver the quality you desire for your dream home. In addition to our local partners, we’re proud to join forces with hundreds of regional and national partners, some of them displayed here:

Faucets by


Paint by


Flooring by

Shaw Floors

Appliances by


Construction materials by


Fixtures by


Open the door to Life.Built.Better ®

Meritage Homes are intentionally designed, enabling families across America to live with more, whether it’s more savings, better health, real comfort or more peace of mind.* We’re honored to have the chance to deliver on that promise each and every day.
Built for

More Savings

So your home runs smarter, saving you money each month.*

Built for

More Comfort

So your home is a cozy retreat from the outside world.*

Built for

Better Health

So your home has fresher air, fewer allergens and less pests.*

Built for

Peace of Mind

So you can make your move with confidence.*

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