10 Common Requests For Warranty Service
That Are Not Covered Under Your Warranty.

  • 1. Paint

    Paint touchup kit is provided

    A paint touchup kit has been provided for your new home. You'll find it in your home, or it will be given to you at closing. This kit enables you to address those minor move-in nicks, scratches, and on-going touch-ups which are not covered by warranty.

  • 2. Caulk

    Re-caulk areas regularly

    As time passes, caulk will shrink. This is normal, and is best addressed by re-caulking interior and exterior areas regularly, especially "wet" areas (tubs, showers, etc.)

  • 3. Vinyl Floor

    Care for your vinyl floors

    The softness of vinyl flooring adds to its comfort, but also means that it can be damaged fairly easily. Sharp or heavy items, even the pressure caused by high heel shoes can cause cuts or indentations in your vinyl surfaces, so take care not to drop or drag sharp or heavy objects across them.

  • 4. Countertops

    Protect marble and laminate countertops

    Marble and laminate tops may show some markings from the manufacturing process. However, they must be protected from sharp objects, heat and abrasives. Also, take care not to allow water to stand on countertop seams as this will cause damage.

  • 5. Sheetrock

    Settlement is expected

    Settlement is normal in a new home. As this occurs, hairline cracks may form in walls and ceilings, especially in corners. This is to be expected, and these hairline cracks may be filled with a variety of products manufactured for this purpose. Hairline cracks are not the result of construction defects.

  • 6. Landscape & Drainage

    Maintain your landscape and drainage

    Once installed, your sod, trees, and shrubs need your care and attention to flourish and enhance your home. Please refer to the "Exterior Upkeep" section of your Homeowners Manual for information about landscape care. Once installed, landscape is not a warrantable item. It is important to maintain the established drainage of your home properly. Be aware that unplanted yards can wash out with one rainfall.

  • 7. Windows

    Condensation is normal

    Condensation forms on windows when the temperature of the frame and glass drops below the dewpoint temperature as it relates to the humidity in your home. This can occur frequently when the outside temperature is colder than the inside. Such condensation does not indicate a faulty window.

  • 8. Bricks

    Bricks naturally age over time

    It is normal for bricks to show some mortar stain, and repeated cleaning of brick may actually damage its intended finish. Cracks and chips are also a normal occurrence in brick, and not considered a defect in the product.

  • 9. Floors

    Second-story floors may make noises

    You may hear some noise when walking on the second story floor in a two-story home. This is characteristic of multi-level homes, and should be expected.

  • 10. Concrete

    Cracks in concrete are normal

    Cracks in concrete (driveways, sidewalks, patio, foundation) are a normal occurrence in nature, and will not impair the intended use of concrete surfaces. Very rarely do these cracks indicate a construction deficiency.