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In 2017, Meritage and Hanley Wood set out to rethink the way homes are built. Here's a look at the result.

Over the last year, Meritage has partnered with Hanley Wood—a renowned thought leader in homebuilding—and a host of experts in building science, energy management, architecture and more, to build a home that exhibits a new building and living standard for families both today and in the future. This “reNEWable Living Home” is a safer, more comfortable, healthier home that promotes more family connectivity, integrates technology seamlessly and challenges the very materials and processes used in conventional construction.

  • more-savingsLive with More Savings

    Live with More Savings

    Beyond energy-efficient features, and even new UV-reflecting roof tiles, the reNEWable Living Home contains enough renewable energy sources to meet a Net Zero Energy standard, meaning it produces all or most of the energy it consumes. Unlike conventional homes that have daily peaks and valleys due to changing weather and occupant demands, this home combines technologies to store energy and eliminate the normal erratic energy consumption that currently requires utilities to build trillions of dollars in infrastructure. Carried forward, this design could potentially change the energy consumption and supply needs of the world.

    Renewable Home

    • More Savings

    Carrier Infinity® series heat pump with Greenspeed ® intelligence

    Advanced HVAC design includes a ductless first-floor system coupled with leading ducted design on the second floor. Both systems feature cutting-edge efficiency and provide dynamic variability. The result is a home that can help keep the interior quieter and provide a consistently cozy temperature and humidity level regardless of weather conditions.

    renewable home
  • better-healthLive with Better Health

    Live with Better Health

    The reNEWable Living Home proactively helps to manage the health of the indoor air quality through features like its progressive ventilation and drywall. The Aprilaire power ventilator reads the season and climate affecting the outside air and modifies its ventilation to clean, dehumidify and improve the interior air quality while the CertainTeed drywall breaks down formaldehyde, turning it into an inert compound.



    Renewable Home

    • Better Health

    CertainTeed® AirRenew Drywall

    The drywall throughout the reNEWable Living Home is embedded with a special internal catalyst that breaks down formaldehyde, turning it into an inert compound. This drywall, together with a series of other health-friendly features, helps to improve quality of life for occupants with airborne allergies and asthma.

    Renewable Home
  • real-comfortLive with Real Comfort

    Live with Real Comfort

    The reNEWable Living Home features innovations in building techniques like the HercuWall® system, a redesigned floor that includes insulated footers and an insulated layer between the ground and the internal surface, and advanced HVAC design, resulting in a home that can keep the interior quieter and provide a consistently cozy temperature and humidity level regardless of weather conditions.



    Renewable Home

    • Real Comfort


    The HercuWall® system of the reNEWable Living Home is air tight and disaster-resistant, with layers of materials to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. The unique construction eliminates hot and cold spots inherent in conventional construction, making the home more comfortable while costing less to heat and cool.

    Renewable Home
  • peace-of-mindLive with Peace of Mind

    Live with Peace of Mind

    In addition to the peace of mind that comes with living in a better, safer, healthier environment, this home is designed with smart features that accommodate and respond to occupants, connecting them to their home like never before. It includes Wi-Fi® enabled devices to adjust temperatures and lighting, open, close, and lock doors, enhance personal security, tell you how long to cook that frozen pizza or simply play your favorite song. The devices work through a smart device or they can be voice enabled to respond to commands.



    Renewable Home

    • Peace of mind

    M.Connected HomeTM Automation Suite

    With this expanded suite, homeowners have access to features that go beyond gadgetry to add value and connect them to their home. All of the components will become more intuitive and responsive over time based on usage and they can be customized to the specific needs and routines of each person in the home. Visit for important information and disclaimers relating to the M.Connected HomeTM Automation Suite. 

    laundry room

  • thoughtful-designLive with Thoughtful Design

    Live with Thoughtful Design

    Your home is where you raise your family, celebrate holidays and recuperate after a hectic day. The design of something that significant starts with its inhabitants feeling safe in a familiar and purposeful environment. Behind the walls, disaster resistant construction and materials demonstrate the strength and durability of the structure. Inside, modern yet cozy finishes surround the occupants while the multi-generational floorplan—featuring independent living quarters flowing into open communal spaces—anticipates the needs of today’s families, enhances individual dignity and enables connection.



    Renewable Home

    • Thoughtful Design

    Multi-generational Floorplan

    The multi-generational floorplan was carefully designed to promote a balance of family connectivity, individual space and physical needs. The home features six independent living quarters flowing into open communal areas to anticipate the needs of today’s multi-generational families, enhance individual dignity, and promote interconnectivity.

    Renewable Home

Advanced Certification

  • Zero Energy Home
    • According to the U.S. DOE, Zero Energy
    • Ready Homes offer a cost-effective,
    • high performance package of energy
    • savings, comfort, health, and durability
    • unparalleled in today’s marketplace.
  • Energy Star Partner
  • EPA Indoor airPLUS
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