Homes to reduce high energy bills

Net Zero — Where Putting an End to Utility Bills Begins.

Any way you look at it, a Meritage home is a comfortable home with a wealth of energy savings that result in extra money in your pocket every month. And yes, our homes are easy on the environment too. It only gets better with a Net Zero home.

Owning a Meritage Net Zero home means living with the ultimate combination of energy-saving technology, comfort and affordability, without having to sacrifice your routine or the way you live. More importantly, it means possibly never paying energy costs ever again. In addition to building techniques and features in other Meritage homes that save you money on utilities, our Net Zero homes go above and beyond, with the capability of producing as much energy as you consume. Yes, that means possibly paying $0 every month for the energy you use.

Not only do you get all the energy efficiencies that come standard in our homes, you also get all the energy saving technology that makes our Net Zero homes the best, most energy efficient option available, all while saving you money.