PEX Plumbing.

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What is it?

PEX, or crosslinked polyethylene, is part of a water supply piping system that delivers hot and cold pressurized water throughout a home or building. With several advantages over metal or rigid plastic pipe systems, PEX is quickly replacing copper pipes as the next advancement and dominant choice for residential plumbing due to its inherent benefits.

It’s Superior

Unlike copper and iron pipes that can experience corrosion leaks, PEX resists the scale buildup common with copper pipes, and does not pit or corrode when exposed to public water supplies. PEX plumbing doesn’t require soldering either, eliminating the health hazards involved with lead-based solder and acid fluxes.

It’s More Convenient

Due to its flexible nature and ability to run straight from its water source to an outlet, PEX pipes typically have fewer sharp turns and joint turbulence which can disrupt water pressure. The result is a maintained water pressure to where you want it most, at your faucets, showers and toilets. PEX also allows for quieter water flow without the “hammering” noise often associated with copper piping.

It Saves Money

PEX plumbing doesn’t transfer heat like copper plumbing does. This helps conserve energy and decrease heat loss by allowing more hot water to reach its destination rather than losing heat and energy during flow. PEX can also turn 90° corners without the need for elbow fittings, and is also much more resistant to freeze breakage than copper or plastic pipes, which reduces opportunity for leaks and expensive service calls.

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