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Meritage has partnered with leading home management providers to create an in-home network that allows you to locally and remotely monitor and control your home’s security, energy, and comfort features, such as locks, lights, thermostats, cameras and other appliances all by using the latest wireless technology. Whether you’re on the couch or in another country, your home management system gives you simple remote access to your home so you can:

  • Unlock doors in real time.
  • View video feeds of your home.
  • Remotely adjust thermostat.
  • Manage and monitor energy-saving features.
  • Turn lights and appliances on or off.
  • Double check things you may have forgotten, such as lock a door or turn off a light.
  • Home Energy Management Thermostat

    Home Energy Management Thermostat

    More than just a temperature regulator, your thermostat serves as the brains to your home management system. While helping control the temperature, ventilation, and humidity of your home, it also connects to the internet and your smart phone or tablet to help you remotely control small appliances such as lights, door locks, and cameras from anywhere you wish.

  • Appliance Module

    Appliance Module

    Your home appliance module makes it easy for you to preprogram and instantly operate lamps and other small appliances from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. This plug-in module also lets you add more products to your home management network, and extends the range of control so you can reach more devices in more places.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Camera

    Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Camera

    Whether you care to check in on the security of your home, babysitters, or even pets, the home indoor and outdoor cameras allow you to record, store, and remotely monitor activities in and around your home. Many of the outdoor cameras also have motion detection and infrared capabilities.

  • Home Keypad and Deadbolt

    Home Keypad and Deadbolt

    The home energy management system’s door keypad and deadbolt make it very easy for you to know who is coming and going in your home. Common features allow 19 personalized codes, time stamp entry and exit, and the ability to double-check locked doors or grant entry while away.

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