Breathe Easy in a Healthier Home

Do you know how healthy your home is?

It’s easy to find out. Does it get dusty quickly? Do odors persist? Are family members dealing with allergies inside your house? These are signs your house may not have an updated filtration and ventilation system, or may not be sealed well — which could mean your home is not very healthy.

Meritage Homes has always focused on health-conscious homebuilding. Our innovative building practices are the first step in creating a better, cleaner home by reducing the number of pollutants, pests, allergens and more that can find their way into a house.

Here’s a closer look at the health-promoting features and benefits built into every Meritage home.

  • illustration of homeMultispeed HVAC

    Multispeed HVAC System

    A multispeed HVAC is installed in every new Meritage home. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, multispeed systems can run on low speed, which results in a slower airflow that allows the advanced MERV 13 air filters to capture more unwanted air particles and help improve air quality. They also help reduce humidity by up to 70 percent, eliminating the equivalent of 29 two-liter bottles’ worth of water from the air each day — nearly twice as much as a single-speed HVAC system. Multispeed HVACs also help save energy (and money) by running smarter, not harder.

  • illustration of homeFresh Air

    Fresh Air Management

    Meritage was the first national builder to commit to the highest level of air quality in homes. In September 2020, Meritage became EPA Indoor airPLUS qualified for excellence in home air quality.

    Meritage installs MERV 13 air filtration, which goes above and beyond standard air filters to help remove smaller particles — including some bacteria and viruses. And we’re the first national builder to commit to that standard for our homebuyers from coast to coast.

    air quality
  • illustration of homePest Protection

    Pest Protection

    Our advanced building techniques diminish the indoor/outdoor airflow in the home, which reduces the number of allergens and pests that find their way inside. Ultimately, this keeps your living space healthier. The system uses several layers of protection:

    • Spray foam insulation* that reduces the number of pests and pollen flowing into the home while helping to maintain a uniform indoor temperature from season to season.
    • Sealed ducts that help ensure your home remains pollutant-free while reducing air leaks, which, in turn, increases your home’s efficiency.
    Pest prevention
  • illustration of homeBetter Materials

    Better Building Materials

    Healthy homes start from the ground up. We focus on selecting materials that provide a cleaner environment and reduce the number of chemicals introduced into new homes:

    • We use low VOC paints, stains and adhesives to limit the number of harmful pollutants in your home.
    • Advanced framing practices help Meritage homes be more durable and comfortable over time by isolating indoor spaces to enable rooms to remain a consistent temperature. This also helps the home use energy more efficiently.
    better materials

Together, these features allow homeowners to enjoy real comfort and more savings month after month. And those benefits are amplified by the vast array of energy-efficient features that come standard in every home — like UV-blocking Low-E windows that lessen the strain on the HVAC system, and ENERGY STAR®–certified appliances and WaterSense technology that operate more efficiently and help reduce energy bills by more than 50 percent.

It’s always been our mission to build better, smarter, more efficient homes that are engineered from the foundation to the final shingle with the health of our homeowners in mind.



*Not all exterior walls contain spray foam. In Florida, most Meritage homes utilize concrete block construction with alternative energy-efficient insulation methods to help withstand local severe weather conditions, including hurricanes. See a Sales Counselor for details or visit for information and disclaimers about energy-efficient features and associated claims. ©2022 Meritage Homes Corporation.