Interior Inspiration

If you want to think like an interior designer, step into your closet. The hottest items on the rack or in your jewelry box this year are likely to inspire the home décor of next year, says Aundrea Brown, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Intermark Design Group, which stages model homes for Meritage.

“We look at fashion as a frame that sets the tone for trends in home interiors, which are about a year or two behind fashion,” says Brown. “When it comes to current trends, we try to bring in some of them, but it’s really important not to go all-in with them.” Because just as soon as something is “in,” it can find itself “out.”

So how will the experts be going just-trendy-enough this year? Read on to see Brown’s tips for using the latest trends in your own home.

Today's Top Design Trends



Balance with traditional elements for furniture or statement light fixtures, and mix with blackened metals to create an industrial look that feels timeless.

2019 Interior Design Trends


Focusing on grays and blues is out in favor of mixing in tones like copper or choosing colors like “greige” (gray crossed with beige).

2019 Interior Design Trends


Consider high-contrast black and white with a pop of blush for wallpaper or window treatments, depending on how committed you’re feeling.

Pro tip: Items like throw pillows are great ways to add bold accents and can easily be swapped out to accommodate the style of the moment.

2019 Interior Design Trends


Minerals like quartzite (a natural stone similar to granite) turn a key piece of furniture, like a cocktail table or hallway console table, into a focal point — remember, though, a little quartzite goes a long way.

2019 Interior Design Trends


When choosing cabinets, you may want to consider color over wood grain. White cabinets are still hot, but colors such as grays and warmer taupes are catching on too.

2019 Interior Design Trends


Save the espresso for your morning pick-me-up, and choose stains that lighten things up and pair well with today’s painted cabinet colors like white, gray and warm taupe.

2019 Interior Design Trends

Gold-Dipped DIYs

Add some on-trend style to two household staples: kitchen barstools and a vase.

  • 2019 Interior Design TrendsSTEP 1

    DIY Supplies

    •Glass vase
    Drop cloth
    •Metallic gold spray paint
    •Painter’s tape
    Pro tip: Use a rubber band in addition to painter’s tape to ensure a 360° seal on tapered or rounded objects.

    Once you’ve gathered everything, head outside and prep your workspace with a drop cloth.

    2019 Interior Design Trends
  • 2019 Interior Design TrendsSTEP 2

    Use painter’s tape…

    to cover the top half of the vase and create a crisp horizontal edge around the center. For barstools, cover the legs of each stool and create a crisp horizontal edge 4"–6" from the bottom of each leg.

    2019 Interior Design Trends
  • 2019 Interior Design TrendsSTEP 3

    Spray away!

    Cover the piece evenly while holding the spray paint 6"–8" from the surface. 

    2019 Interior Design Trends
  • 2019 Interior Design TrendsSTEP 4

    Carefully remove the tape…

    after the paint has dried, and stage your stylish new décor indoors.

    2019 Interior Design Trends
  • 2019 Interior Design TrendsMORE IDEAS

    Look around the house…

    for more gold-dippable décor. We’re loving gilded mirrors, antlers and seasonal centerpiece branches, but you can add the Midas touch to anything your heart desires.

    2019 Interior Design Trends

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