Succulent Summer Décor

Summer is almost here. Is your backyard ready for relaxing summer nights with the family or impromptu barbeques with friends?

To help you get your outdoor space looking great for whatever the season brings, we partnered with Holly and Brad Lauritzen of Our Faux Farmhouse to create a DIY succulent wall that’s perfect for adding a little life and a lot of personality to your backyard. Go big or build small — it’s all about fitting your space, your taste and your budget.

What to Know Before You DIY


    Unlike other plants, they can handle heat and withstand nearly every weather pattern. Plus, succulents are fairly low maintenance and offer nearly endless varieties and colors, which makes it easy to find plants you love without adding hours of watering to your weekend. (Of course, if succulents aren’t your favorite, you can also fill the wall with herbs or seasonal flowers that flourish where you live.)

    This project can typically be tackled in an afternoon if you have your materials ready. Before you get started, there are a few things you can do to get ahead:
    Scout the best location in the yard.
    Determine how big you want to go. The DIY below is for a 32.5" x 41.5" wall.
    Measure and re-measure.
    Go online to see if items are in-store or if they need to be ordered.
    Pick your plants and pot them ahead of time

    A stop at your local hardware store should take care of the entire list, but if you’re not able to find pots (or plants) you love, head to a local nursery for more variety. 



Succulent Wall DIY Supplies

  • Two 1" x 4" wood planks (any type) in 8' lengths for backing
  • One 1" x 6" smooth cedar wood plank (8' long) for outer frame
  • Drywall screws
  • 100-lbs. French cleat wall-mounting bracket
  • Two 2½" flat braces
  • 16 succulents
  • 16 medium-sized pots with drainage holes
  • 16 plant ring holders
  • Potting soil | Pro tip: Look for rockier succulent potting soil to give plants the drainage they need.
  • French cleat for mounting | Pro tip: Make your own using a 1" x 4" piece of wood approx. 12" long and cut horizontally at a 45º angle.
  • Four 1" x 6" tongue-and-groove cedar wood planks in 8' lengths | Pro tip: Worried about having enough? Buy six so you’re sure to have backups.
  • Step 1STEP 1

    Select a space and measure…

    the height and width to determine how big the plant installation should be. For this DIY, we’re creating a 32.5" x 41.5" wall, but you can adjust the number of cedar planks and edging boards you buy based on your preferred dimensions.

    Pro tip: The tongue-and-groove boards make for easier installation and have a beveled edge for visual interest.

    Succulent Wall
  • Step 2STEP 2

    Cut the cedar planks in half…

    measuring about 31" wide, and place boards horizontally top of each other to create a planter wall that is approximately 40" tall.



    Succulent Wall
  • Step 3STEP 3

    Create a backing and outer frame...

    Secure the cedar planks by cutting your 1" x 4" wood planks into two 24" lengths and two 40" lengths, and use drywall screws to secure them around the perimeter. At the back of the top two corners, secure two straight metal braces at 45º angles to help distribute the weight when mounted. Then, cut your 1" x 6" smooth cedar board in half length-wise and secure along the edges with drywall screws, creating a frame.

    Succulent Wall
  • Step 4STEP 4

    Plant your succulents…

    and mount the plant ring holders on the wall. Before securing, ensure the plants are evenly spaced to give them room to grow without overwhelming each other. 

    Pro tip: Line up your potted plants on the unmounted wall first to help you determine proper spacing.

    Succulent Wall
  • Step 5STEP 5

    Hang it up!

    Mount in your selected space using a French cleat which will help bear the weight. Secure the base of the French cleat to the mounting surface with screws, and attach the second to the back of the planter. Then, simply install, add your potted plants and admire your work.

    Pro tip: The exterior of your home determines your mounting hardware. Chat with an expert at your local hardware store for help choosing.
    Succulent Wall

Now it’s your turn.

Ready to try this DIY in your own backyard? Get started by downloading Holly and Brad’s step-by-step instructions, or watch Holly’s how-to video to see more.
Get the How-To See Holly’s Process
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