The Benefits of Owning a Home

There’s no place quite like home. With a growing number of people considering ownership, take a look at the advantages of owning a home and we can help you decide if you’re ready to put down roots.

Beat the market.

While renting provides the flexibility and low-maintenance living that tends to attract younger Americans, buying can often be less expensive than renting. While home values and trends continue to fluctuate, the right time to buy a home is when you’re ready to buy a home.

More savings to go around

We build our homes smarter. That means water-saving features, UV-blocking windows, and a climate-sealed home* among others that mitigate the costs of a mortgage. Living in a Meritage home means you can live comfortably, both in terms of lifestyle and finances.*

Water-saving features*
UV-blocking windows*
Climate-sealed home*

Get to know HERS.

The Home Energy Rating System, featured in a number of Meritage model homes, measures a home’s energy efficiency on a scale of 150 to 0—the lower the score the better.*

100 | Typical new home score
80 | Considered an ENERGY STAR® rating
61 | Average HERS score of a Meritage home

You won't be alone.

After the financing begins, we’ll help you through each stage of the build process that includes pre-construction meetings, orientations, design center visits, and laying down the foundation. 

1. Evaluate your total cost of living

Things can add up. Make sure you’re well aware and equipped to calculate not just your potential mortgage, but other expenses including utilities, HOA fees, and more. Also, keep the PITI rule in mind: 

Principal | Interest | Taxes | Insurance

2. Make lists of your needs

Like making lists to stay organized? Here’s where lists can really shine. Make a list of must-haves, wants and wishes to ensure you keep a clear focus on what’s needed and what can be sacrificed when looking for a home.

3. Get emotionally prepared

Owning a home is an investment. Financials aside, pride of ownership comes with long-term responsibility, time and maintenance that may need some extra preparation.

Possible Advantage to Owning:

Tax breaks
Builds equity
Roomier, more comfortable living
Freedom for home improvements

Did you know? 

Once they move out, 28 percent of millennials plan to rent out their home rather than sell.


In 2015, millennials, the largest generation in American history, purchased 35 percent of homes sold in America.

The foregoing information is provided solely for general information purposes and is not intended in any way as financial, securities, insurance, tax, or legal advice or services. Each potential homebuyer may have unique financial and other considerations that may be important to any home buying, financing or related decision. Accordingly, Meritage does not assume any duty or liability in providing the foregoing information and expressly disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind, either express or implied, with respect to such information. Potential homebuyers that desire additional information or guidance tailored to their specific situation should contact a relevant professional.

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