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Fonville Middle School had insufficient canopy coverage, making it the perfect place to add much-needed shade. Volunteers from our Houston division pulled up their sleeves to plant 60 trees around the campus. Communities like this suffer from what is known as the heat island effect, when urban areas with limited greenery endure higher temperatures than outlying areas. Planting trees at Fonville helps reduce that effect while creating the perfect backdrop for students to learn and grow.


We are passionate about helping communities in need. So when the city of Raleigh developed a plan to revitalize the historic South Park neighborhood, we were ready to lend a helping hand. Since the South Park neighborhood has been identified as a low tree canopy zone with less shade and higher temperatures than outlying areas, we knew planting 225 trees in Walnut Creek Wetland Center and Chavis Park would help combat the heat island effect and bring much needed greenery in this historic area.